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Everything we build is made with the finest craftsmanship and skilled efficiency.

Any idea you may have can be customized to your request. And no matter what you vision is for your next project, you’ll receive the highest quality that is made to last.

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Built Ins

Book Shelf

Custom Built-Ins are a great way to bring space to life.  Whether you're looking to showcase an entertainment area,  display a book collection, spruce up your drop-zone with some cubbies and a bench, or turn an underutilized space in to a (coffee) bar - the options are endless.   

Custom Built-Ins are just that...custom! We can help transform your space into something both beautiful and functional.   

Pantry/Closet Shelving

Well Organized Closet

Upgrade your current closet/pantry in a way that allows better functionality, use of space, and visual appeal.

Each and every closet/pantry upgrade will be unique and personal to you and your needs.  Whether you need more shelving, cubbies, cabinets, or hanging racks, the possibilities for a fresh new look are endless!

Farmhouse Tables


Custom Farmhouse Tables have a  timeless design that evokes tranquility and excellence. The beauty is in their look of "rustic simplicity", with their grace and clean lines.  

We do farmhouse style kitchen & dining tables, coffee tables, end tables, sofa tables, and more -- that will ensure the ages.  



Give yourself the kind of deck that you, your neighbors, and family/friends can enjoy all year long!  

With a new or improved custom deck, 77 Carpentry can help you (re) design and build the deck of your dreams.  



The start here is truly a blank canvas, as you look to frame out your next project.  With framing,  we'll precisely measure, cut and assemble the materials needed to frame out and build the design.   

For these projects, we can build walls out of studs, sills, and headers; build floors from joists and beams; and frame roofs using ridge poles and rafters.  This is were we truly get to CREATE! Framing out walls, doors, windows, roofs/decks/pergolas...this is the most important step to be done right...and done right the first time, to ensure the rest of your projects wants and needs go off without a hitch! 

Let us know how we can help bring your space to life! 

Trim/Finish Carpentry


Finish carpentry includes interior trim and millwork, such as baseboards, stair railings, crown molding and casing around doors and windows, as well as cabinetry, built in furniture and other wood details.

This is the part where we transform an interior space from shell to finished space; and do with with quality and excellence.  Finish carpentry requires precise craftsmanship as well as an eye for good interior design -- which we specialize in at 77 Carpentry.  

We'll focus on making each individual detail look good, while also considering the overall design of the house as we complete the work. The goal, of course, is to create an interior where every detail goes well with every other detail.  

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